Point-of-Need Innovations Center

An interdisciplinary research and development Center that consists of world-class expertise in materials, manufacturing, engineering design, business management, and logistics educating the next generation of world-class scientists and engineers.

Introducing the Point-of-Need Innovations Center (PONI Center) at Baylor University: Revolutionizing Materials Science and Engineering. Our goal is to transform traditional supply chains by developing on-demand material and manufacturing solutions at the location of use through a circular economic approach. Performing cutting-edge research in robotics, additive and advanced manufacturing, smart communications, and advanced materials, we aim to enable decentralized, local production of components and products. Join us in making Baylor University the hub of this transformative shift in materials science and engineering.

Capabilities & Equipment

Multi-disciplinary research is performed using the facilities and infrastructure support of the Point-of-Need Innovations (PONI) Center with over 5,000 sq ft of laboratory space including a 1,500 sq ft ITAR laboratory, the Center for Microscopy and Imaging, and the Materials Testing & Characterization Core (MTCC).  The materials processing, testing and characterization facilities and equipment available for this research are remarkable, consisting of a unique combination of tribological, surface analytical, microstructural, and mechanical characterization equipment. The facilities are supported by four PhD level research scientists and technicians.

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